Project Implementations (National)

Telemedicine through NoFN(March 2013):eSanjeevani rolled out on National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN), an ambitious project of the Government of India.60 sites covered

E-Panchayat experimental site Program(Nov 2012): Broadband Application for Panchayat Public Information Infrastructure: the E-Panchayat experimental site Program(Telemedicine at 10 Gram Panchayat in Ajmer District)

Annual Software Maintenance Contract for Statewide Punjab Telemedicine Network (May 2012)Esanjeevani deployed successfully as Punjab statewise telemedicine network for Punjab Health Systems Corporation (PHSC)

Establishing Tele- ophthalmology Centres (2009): Tele- ophthalmology application developed by C-DAC Mohali was deployed at Drishti Netralaya Dahod(Gujarat) and Eye Hospital Banswara (Rajasthan) and was connected with ISDN and Broadband connectivity.

Establishment of Video conferencing facility at Govt. Hospital Sirsa (2009): Telemedicine network was deployed at Government Hospital Sirsa and was connected to Specialist Hospital PGIMS Rohtak for referral and consultation. Virtual Private Network (VPN) with broadband connectivity was deployed for interlinking these hospitals.

Mobile Tele-Ophthalmology Project (2007): Refurbished the mobile tele- ophthalmology van to provide eye care services to 100 villages in the district of Ropar. Tele- ophthalmology van was equipped with wireless broadband connectivity through high speed data card. The project was funded by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Punjab statewide Telemedicine Project (from 2006-2008): Implemented 18 telemedicine sites in remote and rural areas of Punjab and connected them with PGIMER Chandigarh. The project was jointly supported by Punjab Health Systems Corporation and DIT (GoI).Virtual Private Network (VPN) with broadband connectivity was used to interconnect these hospitals to PGIMER for consultation.

Upgradation of the existing telemedicine software at six sites: The upgradation was done under the project sanctioned in 2006. The additional clinical modules of dermatology and nephrology were added and the existing telemedicine network was shifted from ISDN connectivity to a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Himachal Pradesh statewide Telemedicine project (from 2005-2008): Implemented 19 telemedicine sites at health various centers in the extreme terrain with IGMC Shimla as the specialty node. ISDN and Leased line connectivity was found suitable for the hilly terrains of Himachal Pradesh.

Pilot Project Phase II (from 2003-2005): Made a telemedicine hub of six institutions by connecting the prestigious medical colleges of IGMC Shimla, SCB Cuttack and SGPGIMS Rohtak with the three hospitals covered in Phase I. The connectivity network remained the same as that of Project I.

Pilot Project Phase I (from 1999-2003): Connected the three major pillars in the Indian Medical scenario namely AIIMS New Delhi, PGIMER Chandigarh and SGPGI Lucknow. These three hospitals were linked to each other using ISDN connectivity.

Establishing Tele- ophthalmology Application: C-DAC Mohali is in process for deploying Tele- ophthalmology application at Bansara Eye Care Centre Shilong.

Automated Traction Unit: The project focuses on boosting the availability of low cost computer-interfaced medical equipment in the Indian health Industry; Project funded by Department of IT (GOI)

Digital Remote Controller for head assembly and table movement of microscope: To boost the availability of low cost interfaced medical equipment in the Indian health industry; project funded by Department of IT (GoI).

Project Implementations (International)

Myanmar nationwide telemedicine network: Eleven locations (Community Information Centres) were connected using the V-SAT communication technology. Project funded by the Ministry of External Affairs.

Tanzania nationwide telemedicine network: Ten locations (Community Information Centres) were connected to the specialty node Dar-E-Salam Institute of Technology using the V-SAT communication technology. Project funded by the Ministry of External Affairs.

Armenia nationwide telemedicine network: Setting up of Telemedicine Network in Armenia